About Us

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About Us.

StrateVision.fin BV is a dynamic and flexible accounting firm with a great sense of entrepreneurship. The office, founded by Veronique Van de Water, focuses on your future and wants to make a difference as your sparring partner.

In addition to 18 years of experience in the sector, there is a collaboration with various offices to exchange expertise. It is a collaboration between driven professionals with their own vision, experience and specialism. And with our combined strength we are able to provide an answer to many questions.

We are in this together. Our advisory role is becoming increasingly important. Obviously, we always start from the figures, but our daily contacts with entrepreneurs from the most diverse sectors ensure a fresh look on your business.

Using our knowledge and experience, we can assist you with all your important decisions as an entrepreneur. From the start-up to the possible takeover of your business. Thanks to our assistance, you are not on your own when agonizing over a decision. Together with you, we look ahead and determine the right choices and decisions.

StrateVision.fin stands for:



Forecasting the future is not within our power, but the right strategy will take you a long way. StrateVision.fin BV can do more than offer support and advice, or assist you with your accounting and legal formalities.

Companies can often use a sounding board and thinking along with the development of your strategy, transformation, growth and the most important processes within your company is something we would very much like to help you with as well.


Automation, digitization and even artificial intelligence are ideas that pop up when preparing your business in an ever-changing digital environment. 

The technology to recognize, sign, report and process documents or, in short, the tools and choices in the automation process of the document flow should be used efficiently but also customized, albeit not to the extreme. 

StrateVision.fin BV wants to be your guide, with technology and expertise as an added value and a means to be connected, but without compromising valuable personal contact.



Strategy is needed to create a company vision, a long- or short-term perspective.

What does your company stand for and what do you wish to achieve? In view of the future and your vision, StrateVision.fin BV assists you in all your financial and administrative tasks on your chosen path.

Financial Advice.

When hearing the word ‘accountant’, many entrepreneurs automatically think of accounting, tax returns, etc. 

By combining administration (accounting, taxes, VAT, …) and well-founded advice on the company policy we wish to create an added value for our clients.

In addition, your financial planning is an extensive advisory process where we look at the planning of your income, assets and the transfer of assets.