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Our Services.

All activities involved in entrepreneurship initially seem very complex and are often far from obvious.

As an entrepreneur you want to do business and be relieved of all issues that come your way. Among many other financial aspects, company law, accounting and/or taxation are often cause for important decision moments that may distract entrepreneurs from their core business.




Starter Support.

To start your own business, the ideas, concept, ambition, … of the person wanting to start an independent business are only part of the start-up. 

The launch of this business, be it a company or a one-man business, is an important stage in the life cycle of any business.

Good preparation and advice is essential for a successful and flying start. StrateVision.fin BV offers you a service package consisting of full support and advice to ensure a smooth and flawless launch of your company so that you are not faced with surprises and can fully concentrate on your core activities.

Together we will make a feasibility study and a business plan. If required, we can discuss this with your bank. After a thorough evaluation, we give advice on your social status and on the best legal form for your company. We are constantly on standby for giving advice.





Tailer-made Accounting.

Accounting is a means to entrepreneurship, but it is not an end in itself. An optimal and customized representation of your figures and financial position is of the utmost importance. You can count on us to produce these figures (annual or interim), draw up a financial plan, draw up budgets, prepare reports and manage your bookkeeping and annual accounts.

There are different ways to manage your bookkeeping:

  • You are responsible for your own bookkeeping and we will carry out periodic checks, prepare your corporate tax returns and year-end financial statements

  • We take care of your bookkeeping, either in our offices or in your company

Considering your needs, we have a range of services and after an analysis of your profile we can lay down an appropriate proposal to convert your bookkeeping in your personal dashboard. 

  • Organization and review of accounts

  • Assistance with the day-to-day taxation of your company (VAT returns, advance payments, corporate tax returns, withholding tax returns, …)

  • Preparation of the annual accounts and mandatory documents

  • Preparation of reports of the general meeting and the governing bodies

  • Taking care of publications in the Belgian Official Gazette

  • Tax optimization for start-ups

  • Assistance with the launch, transformation, liquidation of your company

  • Assistance with credit files at financial institutions

  • Assistance with and advice on investments (cost and return calculation)

  • Management and SME advice




Fiscal Advise.

The fiscal climate is constantly changing. Correct advice and professional support by a specialist are therefore a must.

We provide advice in the fields of VAT, corporate and personal income tax, legal entities tax (non-profit organizations), registration tax and inheritance tax. In addition, we defend your case file during tax audits, objection procedures and disputes.

We proactively inform you of changing regulations and calculate the impact on your activity. Based on your needs and possibilities, we adapt the tax solutions if necessary.

Based on your needs and possibilities, we adapt the tax solutions if necessary:

  • Preparation and calculation of personal and corporate income tax returns

  • Preparation of VAT returns, VAT listing and intra-Community statements

  • Preparation of declarations for withholding tax and payroll tax

  • Interim reports and discussions

  • Fiscal planning

  • Fiscal optimization of the tax rate with regard to personal and corporate income tax

  • Fiscal support based on interim reporting and forecasts

  • Assistance with tax audits with regard to VAT and direct taxes


Legal Advice.

Apart from the day-to-day operation of a company, there are other opportunities and challenges that the company may face.

To this end, StrateVision.fin BV offers an all-in package of business advice, assistance and support regarding various topics such as:

Company valuation (shares or trading fund) in the context of:

  • Transfer of ownership of your company

  • Acquisition of other company

Support and reporting in the context of:

  • Restructuring of companies (mergers, divisions)

  • Company transformation

  • Company dissolution

  • Expansion goal

  • Conflicts of interest

  • Representation of partners in the exercise of the right of individual examination and control

Family planning:

  • Tax-friendly transfer of your assets to the next generation

  • Donations

Support during WCO (Act on the continuity of enterprises) procedure

It is in complex situations that the strength of our network lies and that we ask the assistance of experts and professionals from the various industries in the matter concerned so that we can provide you, our client, with a tailored and appropriate solution.




naast en ook dit nog....jpg

And also this…

In addition to well-founded advice with regard to fulfilling the legal formalities for the publication of data in the Belgian Official Gazette and the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) you can also contact us for:

  • Preparation and review of lease contracts, loan agreements, etc.

  • Advice and assistance in drawing up various contracts

  • Assistance with notarial deeds

  • Advice on statutes and changes to the statutes

  • Assistance with payroll administration (via recognized Employers’ social-accounting secretariats)

  • Assistance and advice on the social status of the self-employed 

  • Assistance with completing various declarations (from various authorities)